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AIRDP Style Hong Kong


AirDP, a new Italian brand, which designs eyewear with new passion and new style. AirDP has the lightness of touch.

SWANS Eyewear Hong Kong


In 1911, Yamamoto Kigali created SWANS. Since then, SWANS extends to produce protective goggles and sport glasses. SWANS pioneered the performance-oriented eyewear for serious sportsmen and has gained good reputation among world top athletes.

And now it is making strides in the marketing of eyewear for fashion-oriented customers.

What is more, SWANS is making continuous effort to achieve its diversification by developing Eyeguard and Kafun glasses to accommodate health conscious customers.




InFo is a hybrid intraocular lens (IOL) used in correcting the vision after post-cataract surgery, to improve the visual and minimize the occurrence of eye complications. To achieve such characteristics, InFo utilizes Instant Focus© technology and innovative optics.

It has three distinctive surfaces (refractive, diffractive, aspheric) contribute to the far, intermediate, and near visions respectively. Near and intermediate visions are enhanced even with small pupil size. The closed loop haptics allow optimal centration and stability in the capsular bag.